Outback Water Project

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How you can help

Citizen Scientists can collect a sample kit from our project hub at the Visitor Information Centre on Alice Springs ‘Todd Mall’. These kits will contain vials which can be used to collect water samples from as many locations in the MacDonnell Ranges region as possible.

People are encouraged to also take a photograph of the waterhole that the sample was collected from, to provide visual recordings of the different types of waterholes across the region.

Where you can help

We are seeking water samples from a variety of locations around the MacDonnell Ranges and surrounding areas in Central Australia.

Water samples can be collected from any freshwater body such as water holes, salt lakes, soaks, wetlands, clay pans, temporary lakes, rock holes, small permanent spring-fed streams and aquifers.

Many of the above waterbodies can be found on publicly accessible areas and are suited to water sample collection.

Please be aware however, that if you intend to take a sample from Aboriginal lands or a private/pastoral property, to please obtain permission from the appropriate authority/landholder prior to taking a sample.

How to collect and return your sample kit

You can collect and return your sample kit from the following location:

Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre
Todd Mall
Alice Springs NT

If you are out and about and run into an NT Park Ranger in one of the NT Parks, you can also return your water sample to them.

If you have returned home before getting a chance to drop off your water sample, contact Jon Hodgetts at [email protected], who can advise you on how to submit your water sample.

How to collect a water sample

To collect water from your chosen location, from the water’s edge;

  1. Unscrew lid and fill vial with water from just under the surface
  2. Try to take as clean a sample as possible i.e. free from significant plant or animal material
  3. Replace lid
  4. Fill out label with date of collection, a rough location if known, and GPS co-ordinates if possible (many smart phones have the capability to record GPS when taking a photo. Check the ‘details’ option usually seen when viewing the photo to see if a GPS location has been recorded.)
  5. Affix the label to the vial
  6. Please feel free to take a photo of the site and upload it using the form at the top of this page

How to upload photos of your water collection points

Submit your photos via the Photo Submission Form page.