Outback Water Project

Submit a photo of your sample site

Photo Submission Form

Attach one photo file.
When was this photo taken?
Where was this photo taken?
The ID number on the sample vial
Your postal code/zipcode (and country, if not Australia). This is not required but helps us to understand who is taking part in the project.

Instructions for sampling

To collect water from your chosen location, from the water’s edge;

  1. Unscrew lid and fill vial with water from just under the surface
  2. Try to take as clean a sample as possible i.e. free from significant plant or animal material
  3. Replace lid
  4. Fill out label with date of collection, a rough location if known, and GPS co-ordinates if possible (many smart phones have the capability to record GPS when taking a photo. Check the ‘details’ option usually seen when viewing the photo to see if a GPS location has been recorded.)
  5. Affix the label to the vial
  6. Please feel free to take a photo of the site and upload it using the form at the top of this page

Returning water sample

You can return the water sample to the same place that you collected it. In addition, there are several locations throughout central Australia that will be accepting drop offs. These are;

If you’ve returned home, don’t worry, contact [email protected] who can advise you on how best to proceed.


We’d love to see photos of your collection points. All photos can be uploaded to this website using the form above.